Hooded Compact Neck Pillow - Neck Pain Reliever

Hooded Compact Neck Pillow - Neck Pain Reliever


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This is not a normal pillow but a multi-purpose comfort pillow. You can use it whether it's on the go or in office, let quality sleep be done anytime, anywhere.


You can feel relaxed in this pillow. Without this pillow, if you try to sleep you may feel neck pain because how uncomfortably you sleep. This may become chronic as time goes and become very hard to recover.

neck pain recovery pillow


So prevent it before it happens. Get this pillow now so you don't have to suffer from neck pain anymore.


Here as shown in the picture you can use our pillow in 3 way.

how to use diamond brekers hooded pillow


  • Due to the compact design, it's a perfect travel companion.
  • It has a drawstring in the hood to adjust sizing.
  • Made from soft, cozy sweatshirt type fabric and filled with supportive squishy microbeads.


Note: You can only do a spot clean for the pillow.

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